Why am I here?

The eternal question! In this case, I am working my way through Blogging 101 (I’m already a week behind!) and the first thing is to do this introduction.

Why am I here?

I’m not doing a diary or a blog about a particular subject, like fashion or cooking or whatever; that is most definitely not my thing. I am here to share my writing, my short stories.

Who do I want to reach?

Readers. Simple really. I’m not here looking for advice or critiques or how to improve guides and the like. I am here to share stories with readers. I know lots of writers are readers but I am not aiming to preach to the converted (not that I am looking to exclude anyone ). I want to reach people who like to read a story for the pleasure of reading.

Who am I?

A writer. I write mostly fantasy, but I will write on anything and everything which comes to my mind. I have an ever ready cast of characters who populate my mental Green Room and I love to write a story. I am wordy, descriptive, often wander off on tangents and rarely write happy endings. I am well known for at least one death per story, immediate or connected at a distance. Greenlake is my fantasy universe where lots of my stories happen – very much based in fantasy, magic, gods and goddesses, fae creatures and a sprinkling of humans if needed.

I think that will do for now as this is only a quick first assignment 😉




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